Mindful times

Mindful and healing ways

When I think mindfully sometimes shiny colors come to mind

When I think mindfully sometimes  visions of shiny colors come to mind

When you become mindful of everything around you then you can move toward one-pointedness where you become mindful of just one thought or breath.

In this way, you can begin to slow yourself and your body down; lowering your blood pressure, heart rate and breath. You can also lower your stress and anxiety though some mindful, healing ways because you are slow and quiet.






Beginning with quiet
When I want to slow down, I sit, legs crossed, hands resting near my knees with palms up. When your palms are up you can gather some energy from the Universe and others around you. You become one with your breath.
Breathing in and breathing out is all that you need to think about, and if your mind wanders  to different thoughts, you gather yourself together, dismiss the thought and get back to your breathing.
With eyes softly closed, relaxed and soft shoulders, you will come to just be with your breath. Softly breathing in and our while each moment passes by in a blissful way.
Practicing mindful ways in other areas of your being
You can begin with the breath for your mindful exploration, and later  practice mindfulness in other situations in your life such as being mindful of your eating  and how you may need to slow down, settle down before you eat, and chew your foods slowly.  Mindful eating is a good way to keep your weight under control because you are settling down and slow.

Mindful eating is a healing way to  help you appreciate your food instead of gobbling it down. You begin to see all the colors in your foods; making your plate more presentable. You may even light a candle before your meal to signify your mindful times.
Mindful of nature
My favorite mindful way is walking.

Walking tall, shoulders back in a purposeful gait, I walk my path each day; mindfully exploring what is before me, seeing the colors of nature at its best.
Find some mindful times with your many selves today, and begin an awareness that includes mindful and healing ways through your physical, emotional, intellectual and soulful selves.

Slow yourself down and appreciate life in its grandness. Know that this moment in time is as it should be. Find your own quiet way that helps you to be grateful, hopeful and loving.