Happy as you want to be

Yes, you are as happy as you want to be at any given moment in time

Remember when holding hands meant something special?

You were young and in love, and you remember clearly  like it was yesterday.

And today, do you have that same feeling, or are first loves just a blurry picture that has deep meaning but a thing of the past. Those days gone by may be lessons for you on your present happiness with yourself and others.

Is happiness  something you used to have?

Well, you can bring back love into your life starting with self-love.

If you believe that others are in charge of your happiness, they are not.

Do not count on them for the way you want to be because you are in charge of you and your heart center which may choose to be sad, or strive toward happiness and love. You can self-propel; starting with today and moving toward a better you; bringing on some needed smiles, warm hugs and love toward others and yourself.

Old toys from your childhood bring back pleasant and happy moments

Old toys from your childhood bring back pleasant and happy moments

In my life the word Happy stands for:

Honoring A Positive, Pleasant Yesterday.

I put those lost loves in the past; moving on to the present moment and what I can do to be happy inside and outside of my many selves. You can focus on different areas of your happiness, trying out new adventures and challenges that will bring a smile to your face.

And then passions become moments where you have time to just be with friends, family and loves.

When you do these things in life that bring a smile to your face, they also bring a smile to others that you include in your journey in this moment.