Where are your flaws?

At the flea market you will see the old right next to the new things; bringing out some of the flaws in life's adventures

At the flea market you will see the old right next to the new things; bringing out some of the flaws in life’s adventures

Everyone has their flaws, and they may be centered in your many selves;  your mind, body or soulful ways.

Flaws may be extensive or really cute but they are there. Flaws may be very apparent to others, or not even noticed until you really get to know someone.

Your internal flawless ways

It would be very nice to have no flaws, no mistakes made, no bad things that you have done, but that is not the way being a human being is.

Being human means that you have flaws, make mistakes and may need to forgive yourself along with others who may have done your wrong.


Not so nice ways

And when you take a look at your own not so nice ways, you can begin to change them to make yourself flawless?

No, I believe you may want to work on self-improvement, not flawlessness! And your self-improvement ways may be to start with today by forgiving some of your past struggles in life, flawless performances and not so forgiving times!

Friends and family
Your close friends and family know your flaws, as well as your significant other do too.
When you begin to embrace your inner self, seeking perhaps to make some needed changes in yourself, you will see that some flaws you have control over, and others not so much.


I think of acceptance as a way to honor yourself and others. We are not supposed to be perfect, and many of our imperfections can be worked on but your job may be to find out which flaws in your life need work.

I find that being kinder to myself and others is a way to help my flaws. People may see them because they seem to be right on your forehead as you walk through life. And maybe some of them are not so apparent until you are pushed a bit such as in anger. Does your flame of anger cause too much pain to others? That may be where you start.

Emotional ways

For myself, I find that I am quick to tears and that flaw has been passed to my children. I used to say to my daughter as she swelled up with tears, “Buck up.” And she still remembers what I said to this day, and reminds her siblings with a chuckle that mom always said “Buck up.” but never practiced what she preached. Finding out that my children are a mirror of me is good in some ways but not so much in other ways.

I need to stand up straighter, shoulders back and head up with a healing presence in my voice to show my children that I can move through life with grace, and then they will too.