Love thoughts

Different stages of love

There are different developmental stages of your love life and many people think that things stay the same throughout the years, but they do not.

Life is definitely different later in life but I did not realize that I would stumble on the same relationship problems as I did when I was younger. I thought that getting older meant I would have an easier time staying, committing and loving. Wrong again!

This sounds confusing, but some of us expect not to have to work as hard on a relationship once you reach a ripe old age, but you do.

You still have to make things pleasant for your spouse and you do have to be nice, giving and loving, or you may lose your partner.

You may feel like your old shoe fits just right, but do you really fit together as you used to fit with your significant other? Or are you struggling to make that tight shoe fit right again.

As you age, you still have to remember to look inside to find your peace and harmony

As you age, you still have to remember to look inside to find your peace and harmony

I have found that I have to dig deep down inside myself to my inner core to get better at loving.

Self- loving

The largest flaw for most people who struggle is that they do not like themselves.

So how can anyone else grow to love you when you do not even like yourself?

That may be when you begin to realize that you cannot have a successful relationship with anyone until you have a success story with yourself.



With that said, how do you get better at loving and being kind to yourself?

How do you fix or change those things that need changing so that you can feel good inside again?

That work that you need to do on yourself may not be clear to you right now. You may be struggling to figure out how to change yourself so that you are happier internally; allowing that flow of positive energy to flow to others.

I have found that the best way to start loving myself is to do some things that make me feel good.

A good start may be to try and be happier.

You may have to work at this one if you are not happy, and pretend that you are.

Lifting your mood by smiling more, exercising more, meditating more and doing more for others.

There are special things that you can do to pick yourself up and lift the mood of others who you love. I love to bring small gifts to others. They do not have to be expensive, just something nice that brings on a smile to someone else.

And then all of a sudden, they are doing things for you too, and then a smile comes along bringing both of you some positive energy.

Do not struggle

Do not struggle too much with trying on happiness, take your time and move toward a deeper understanding of yourself, and then you will understand others too.