Modern life


You may have gotten so far away from the simple things in life that you do not realize that everything can be taken a bit slower.

Some old things can bring joy to your heart

Some old things can bring joy to your heart

The speed of living is like a rolling wave, back and forth you move from cell phones and computers to electronic cars. Even down time is filled with trying to stay thin by attending a gym which takes time to get to and enjoy the pleasure of  staying healthy.

But you cannot enjoy health and wellness in a crowded gym during  New Year’s Resolution time!
So how do you slow down and catch a few rays of sunshine when you are too busy to just stop?

First put down your phone, shut off the TV and turn off the computer so that you can live again. Remember when you did not have such automation? You sat on your couch in the evening with a blanket and a book. You can still do that.

Your spirit is calling you

How do you find ways to get in touch with your inner soul; the place where simple things like taking a walk are fun?
I believe you may need to take a look at what you can eliminate from your life that will give you some extra time.
Take away some of those extra hours at the gym and take a long walk. Even if you have to really bundle up on those cold temperature days, a walk is so much better for you than the gym.

Walk alone, walk with friends, take a camera and just breathe; finding much pleasure in the simple things in life.

Do not struggle

Do not try too hard to simplify; take away just one thing each day that may be getting in the way of putting some love, harmony and balance into your life.