Finding Some Miracles In Your Life

So what do you think miracles are?

Do miracles have to be unbelievable or so great that you are amazed by them?

Are you walking down a path where miracles are happening?

Are you walking down a path where miracles are happening?


When you are patient in life’s events, miracles can happen.

You begin with just waiting. Sometimes patience in difficult situations is all that you have, and  when you stay still long enough to catch your breath, only then  do you begin to think of the many things you are not only grateful for but also may be miracles in your life.

Miracles are spontaneous happenings that no one expects but they do happen.
And even in the worse circumstances, thing can change; getting better because there is balance in the Universe. Spirit is always unfolding in miraculous ways.

The hope factor

Hope and staying positive in bad situations can really help. And there is much  power in prayer and meditative ways.

Healing occurs when you let go and just be. You can come up with the positive energy in your inner core to allow you the wisdom to wait and let things unfold.

You can hope for success, hope for acceptance, or hope that you can just hang on long enough to pass through to the other side of a life circumstance that may be not so nice right now.

And when it is over and things just seem to miraculously get better, it is the miracle that you have been waiting for.

Practicing Patience

One of the most difficult things in my life is being patient with myself and others. I admit that I try to rush in, figure out what to do, and then move on quickly to another putting out the fire!

Today, my goal is to stop and think about how important patience, stillness and calmness are to my health in mind body and spirit. And as I speak these words, I promise my inner self that I will practice patience.