Powerful times

Powerful living

Getting your power back can be an ongoing passion where you walk strongly down your path; gaining some balance and harmony in your daily tasks that become meaningful and loving for you and others as you move yourself forward gaining strength.

You have found powerful balance even in troubled times

You have found powerful balance even in troubled times

This power you have found is keeping your head up, back straight and strong against the stillness of a cold winter’s day and then it brings on the powerful grit you need to become a presence to others as you send positive vibrations and energy through yourself into another.

The people you touch with this energy know that you are there for them and they feel your positive and healing ways.


Finding your balance in troubled times helps you to move on to a place of stillness, and your heart center embraces you with arms wide open wrapping around to hug you with internal strength, love and harmony.

Internal Flow

And when you find that internal flow, your dreams and passions become one with your loved one  at your side; not in front of you or behind.  This powerful presence is at your side to embrace the next step in life together. You become a we; knowing that you are more that just one person. You are mind, body and spirit.

You become that pendulum in balance, in the middle, and in love.

Love is all there is in life’s adventures

Because all there is in the beginning, middle and end is love for each other.

And those special, loving  times in your mind’s eye  keep telling you that things will get better and your  internal power will continue to embrace and love you.

Continue down your path not just looking for love but finding it right where you are, in this moment with the people you have.