Every once in awhile you hear about a soul dying of a broken heart. Their spouse dies and this ending seems to be fitting for them too, no longer wanting of needing to go on. It seems that love has many different avenues in life’s path.

I find it wonderful that there are people who are so very close that when one of them passes on to spirit, the other follows.

When I was a child I had an aunt and uncle who felt the closeness of connected hearts. When Uncle Jed’s wife Percilla was hospitalized with a heart attack, Jed came to our home to pick up my mother so that she could help. When Jed came to the door sweat was running down his face, and today I believe they were tears. They went off to see Percilla.

The next thing I heard was that Jed was also hospitalized and died almost immediately. And even as a young child, I felt he had died of a broken heart. His mind, body and spirit did not want to be without Percilla.

Since that day, I wanted to have a love like that. One where the connection was so strong that one heart could not live without the other.