You go around in a circle of healing as you learn your lessons well. You will find that you will have to do it over again until you get it right.
That is the power of lessons learned well. The rote way that you learn can be overwhelming at times, especially when you believe you have been there before.

As time passes you by, you realize that new lessons keep on coming and you have to make decisions about how to bring meaningful, positive and healing ways that you can embrace.

Embracing change can be your purpose today. Believe that change is there for you, bringing sunshine on the other side. And even if the change is not your idea, you need to let it happen. Sometimes you have to just let things unfold for you and keep hopeful because hope may be the only way to move forward.

Moving forward can be accomplished when you begin to realize that you have to leave things behind; stopping the rumination on those past events that did not work out the way you wanted or needed them to unfold.

When you take that first step toward what you have control of you will feel calmer and more balanced.