Follow things through

I like to think that I have followed most of my passions through to a level of success or failure

Sometimes following things through may not end the way you want it to, and you may feel that you wasted some time on something that did not work out, but that is okay because you learned something. And this new learning may help you with other experiences in life that are successful ones.

Looking at things from a different perspective can bring you some clarity

Looking at things from a different perspective can bring you some clarity

I know that it is okay to fail. Failing gives you lessons on what not to do next time and it gives you an experience that you may have missed if you did not try.

Relationships are good examples of success and failure

The many relationships that you have developed over the years show others what you are all about. If people like and respect you because of your kindness and loving ways, you will have many friends that you can tap into when you need one.

Romantic love

And for romantic love, the same principle applies because no matter what happens; both successful and not so good times will come as your love settles down into an old shoe.  Laura, an old friend of mine described her love for her husband. ” When the romance simmers down, there was still lots of time to love in a different way. You become each other’s comfort, like an old shoe that never wears out.”

Seeing it clearly

When you ride the wave, seeing things through, you will find that because you put effort, caring and sharing as your part in the relationship, things turn out better for the both of you, even if the relationship ends at some point. Seeing things through to the end brings about a clarity that you never get to if you run away from loving times.

Hiding from love

Some people stay away from romantic relationships because of the many successes and failures that they hear about; finding themselves alone and unhappy but not feeling the pain of successes and failures.

They may feel that it is worth it because they know of many people who are going through separation and divorce right now. And this justifies their feelings about love and companionship and not stepping into the muck of living life with another person.  These people miss out on some good and bad experiences and should reconsider finding a good  friend.


Friendships, whether they are romantic or not can last through your life, bringing you joy, laughter, love, harmony and balance.