Happily Ever After

In childhood, happily ever after was at the end of every book you read. Things seemed to all come together; through troubled times and good ones, everything ended the same way with a happy ending.
And if we were taught differently, would we have a more meaningful perspective about life and real endings that we may be facing right now?

When I look back, the happiest times of my life were with my children. They brought light into my life and made everything feel like happily ever after.

Wishing for the simple times like rocking on a swing with my children

Wishing for the simple times like rocking on a swing with my children

I remember a trip my husband and I planned. We both wanted to go cross country and we got what was called a Trip-tic ( Trip Ticket), it was an Auto club map that you flipped as you went along your way. Back then we did not have a GPS and now I would be very lost most of the time without one!

I remember flipping through the map that had a yellow line through it, telling you where to go, where the detours were and how many miles it would take to go from New York to California.

We were so in love back then that we did not feel uncomfortable, upset or angry, even when we got lost. I remember saying to my husband, ” Every time you take a nap, I get us lost.” And because of that he did most of the driving. And he drove and drove until he got so sleepy that I had to wake him up to stop and let me drive. And he would say, ” I was so sleepy I thought the car next to me was flying.” That was when I really knew that it was time for me to drive.

And the kids were in the back playing silly games like finding punch bugs to count, or singing silly songs like 99 bottles of beer on the wall.

Those were the days to cherish and looking back recapturing them helps me to see clearly now how important the little things in life are.

So capture some moments in your day to bring on a smile.