You made a difference

There are so many instances of people who make a difference

Create a softness that you can touch; coming from your internal spirit

Create a softness that you can touch; coming from your internal spirit

There are wonderful people who work with those who have disabilities; turning a disability into an ability. Find some time in your life to make a difference; helping others to be strong, centered and loving.

Years ago when I first became a nurse, I had people to work with who stood by my side in difficult times. They had many years experience and chose to help me become a good nurse.

One mentor was very special…

He was by my side in good and bad times to quell the problems that got out of hand at times.
And his strength held me strong and steady like a rock.

He would say, ” Just stand beside me and you will be stronger. Many of the patients need a male and female image to calm them down.”
We worked in a difficult area where many people had problems with their mental stability; acting out at times with behaviors that were hard to control.
But Peter had a soft voice and strength in his body and mind that helped the patients. They respected him for his strength and kindness. Many of them told me that Peter was always fair.

For my entire career  I tried to be just like him, and today people do tell me that I am fair, calm, soft voiced and strong.

You learn from the people you are exposed to; they seem to rub off on you in many different ways. I am a strong person today because of people like Peter who took me under their wing; showing me the ropes in difficult times. And today when someone needs some calming techniques in their lives, they look to me, and I send them some positive energy.

In all situations there is a yin and yang of living; a balance that clears thing up; bringing in some harmony and balance.

Surround yourself with positive, hopeful people in your life and you will become a happy, loving soul.