Staying and finding Clarity

When you stay and observe the things that pass along in your life you are grounded; building clarity


When I see 3 trees standing strong, I believe it is my mom with Phyllis and Joe. They were always with her in life and death

When I see 3 trees standing strong, I believe it is my mom with Phyllis and Joe. They were always with her in life and death

Running away from things disturbs the stillness of the many moments you have watching things move on to the next level in  your life. Stay and watch things unfold the way they are supposed to; allowing time to heal old wounds as you close one door and open another. And before you close those past moments, make sure that you do not want to stay. Because staying, being patient with what you have and building a loving environment for yourself and others may be a better option than moving on.


Think of the stillness of a pond as it moves ever so slightly.

If you sit near a pond, you will begin to see the slight moments and stillness; a combining force of yin and yang balance. Water scenes are always a place to find clarity and peace in your life; taking slow, even breaths; finding your center and then releasing your energy to the universe, bringing calmness to your being, and positive energy to others on your path throughout the day.

Watching the stillness and movement of nature

Watching the stillness and movement of nature

The good and bad things in life will evolve around you, capturing your thoughts, feelings and behaviors in the peaceful and still moments that you find. When you stop and observe without disturbing things, clarity comes to you.

Seeing things through instead of jumping out of the boat seem to work for me. The decisions that bring the most clarity into my life are the ones that I stuck it out with.

Stick- to – it- ness helps bring a sense of accomplishment; you are able to dig deep into your soul for the answers that you may be searching for.

You are a multi-dimensional being who needs to see things from many different angles in order to find the answers that you may be searching for.

Disability becomes ability

And they say  autistic children have a disability due to words not coming out right, or a focus on looking at things from a different perspective. But when their words do come, and they grow up, many autistic children tell the story of their internal, soulful search of life.

And I believe that some of the symptoms may be an increased ability to see things from different perspectives in life. There may be another sense  that we are unaware of.

You know that you can smell, hear, see, and touch but with an increased ability to see in  a different way without words or increased sense of more than 3 dimensions, you may begin to see that your spiritual self can become heightened; evolving into someone who sends others love, energy and balance.

Someday autism will be seen as a special gift from God.

And these special people will be sought out for their ability to guide us along our many paths in life because of their added dimension  that assists in clarity, balance and harmony in life.