Breathe in love and breath out love

Love is the balance of life

The one constant in life is bringing love in and out of your daily tasks; without love there is nothing.

When you begin to see this constant movement of love, in and out of living life well, you will focus more on what you need to do in your life before you die.

Flowers are always a wonderful sign of love. Look for some love signs to put in your life today

Flowers are always a wonderful sign of love. Look for some love signs to put in your life today

Sally did not seem to have much; she had no children  and her husband died young. I guess she could have been a very hurt person in  a constant depressive state about her life but she had love in her heart.

Sally told me, ” This is my life;taking care of the children. I love each of them as if they were my own. And they all were Sally’s children because they gave her the smiles and hugs she needed. Children gathered in the waiting room asking,  “Where is Sally?”

She was a pediatric nurse for many years and was  a shining example of a heart full of love. She dressed like Mary Poppins for the children, carrying around teddy bears and smiles for those who were scared of such things as shots and being examined.

I thanked Sally every time I saw her and she would say, ” The children are my world. My job is to bring in some love.”

When you think about it, all there is in life is love. Self-love, love of nature, love of others, spiritual love and kindness surrounds you. You just have to begin to tap into that feeling and sending the healing energy that you create to others that you meet each day.

Why do we search for love?
And to think that we go around searching for love when it is right in front of us! Love for your spouse, friends, relatives, people you don’t even know can be expressed through the breath; breathing in and out loving words and gestures to others like a warm hug, loving embrace and pat on the back.
Start the year with a breath of fresh air by breathing in the word love and breathing it out.