Empathic living

I try to put myself in your place and when I do, I begin to understand the way you feel about me. You are my reflection and it may be cloudy sometimes with all the foggy days in our lives when I thought we were one, but you were gone and I did not even know it. Gone in mind and spirit, but physically present for me to believe you were still here. And as I think of you, I cannot help believing that I am you too because you are a reflection of me and some of the bad times we have given each other. We are one, the same person reflecting the good and bad times.

I stand by the garden in the winter wondering when things will bloom again

I stand by the garden in the winter wondering when things will bloom again

Had I known that you were hanging on by a thread, I would have done things differently, and that is what I am doing now. I am taking an empathic look inside your shoes wondering why you have stayed as long as you have.

And today I am beginning to make a list of the things that I can do for you that may bring back some love in your heart for me. But it may take a long time and the reflections of the past may be dim in your heart but shining through in mine as I think of ways to heal our lives.
You are a part of me that I need; a big hole is in my heart right now. And the empathy that I feel for you brings me back to a smile when I find ways to make you feel good about me again because you and I are one in the same.
Please take time to think about what it is that may help to bring your love back to where it used to be.

I thought of it as a self-love at times because we were so close and now I don’t feel like I know what you are thinking or feeling about me and that brings me to emptiness and despair. But there is hope in my heart because you are a reflection of me and I am coming back to that positive spot; somewhere between happiness and joy. That center where we used to meet and spoon at night.
And when I think of our closeness I find it hard to believe we are so far apart now in our mind, body and soul.
Not knowing until now that you were so far away because I was thinking only of myself.
Now I think of you and the many ways I can bring us back together; hoping that it is not too late.

We are one.