Some New Positive Changes

Fill your calendar with some positive changes this year. Make your list, checking it off twice, and hang it near you to see each day. Find yourself today; that person that you used to be with the smile on your face and the warm hugs you always give to others. You are there underneath some of the sadness or unhappiness you are feeling right now; you can motivate yourself to begin a positive path.

Think of your favorite positive person; that uncle or aunt who always had a smile on their face, or a mentor who helped you with their positive ways. Open your heart, putting into action healing and optimistic ways.

And when people see how you have changed, they will be interested in your mode of operation on this new positive way about yourself.

And you tell them that the answer seems to be in the optimistic view you have developed where you reached into your positive, spiritual self, and are now spreading it around!

People love to be around your new persona. And it does not have to be a huge change; just something that makes you feel better. When I want to start something new and good, I spend some alone time reading some positive guides such as inspirational poetry and prose which helps me to get on the optimistic road.

Old things seem worn and weathered but they still stand strong

Old things seem worn and weathered but they still stand strong

Remember that a positive change can be with any of your many selves; mind, body and spiritual changes are always welcome!

Listen well and you will hear
Another positive change is going to be listening to others more effectively. I want to listen, but sometimes I just wait to take turns talking to others. I will take the time, starting today to truly listen before I speak on myself and my own worries. And those worries will be fewer as I change to a more optimistic view of myself.



Helping changes

I want to change slowly so that I do not get overwhelmed and quit my quest toward wellness. Begin your quest with some small goals that you know are attainable before you move on to larger accomplishments in life.

And for your mind’s eye, think of things that you can do special for yourself that included restful, relaxing times in your day. Starting with yourself is the best way to get on the right path toward wellness.

Just a mindful walk for 20 minutes or a relaxation exercise with some soft music can improve your mood which can allow you to think with clarity; focusing on some positive and healing ways.

When you begin your list, make sure you keep it nearby to read each day; reminding yourself that these changes will help you become the person you want to be.