Looking out the window

Where are you today in this moment?

Where are you today in this moment?

The window of life

I sat in a coffee shop looking out the window thinking that all the people walking by me had their story to tell; a story of sadness and a story of joy.

A woman sat below the window writing in her journal outside. It was warm and her long hair moved softly with the soft breezes of an unusually warm winter day. I thought about how much I also write, and felt strongly that I would like to meet her.

I walked outside the coffee shop and introduced myself. It was good. I had not introduced myself to a stranger in a very long time, and I believe that we will become friends in life’s path after we spoke for about a hour; talking about family, friends and our journey through life.

Afterwards while walking back home I wished my new friend well in my mind’s eye; hoping that our encounter had brought some insight and positive energy to both of us because what else is there in life but that balance of good and bad, yin and yang, black and white times.

Where are you?

As I look down at someone through my window of life, I ask myself what healing do I need at this moment? Do I need to change something that I have control over that might bring me some happiness? Or do I need to just take it one day at a time; waiting for things to change that I do not have control of?

What is right in front of you?

Sometimes you may feel  like you are grasping at something you cannot hold onto, and it is right in front of you. A frustrating event in your life that makes you impatient and sad at times.

And if you  do not know how to harness your own positive energy and bring it close to your heart you may give up the struggle.

Do not give up

Release yourself with some prayer and meditation that may bring you closer to what you really need in your life. And allow yourself to make some mistakes in life that will bring you closer to where you want to be. And when you have joy, stay joyful throughout the day.

And when you have sadness, stay with it for only a short time; getting back to a slow breath of life; breathing deep and slow; allowing yourself some needed time to just be.