That is where you find peace and joy

A friend told me today that you have to get to that spot in your mind; that deep spiritual place where you can bring peace, love, joy and harmony into your life.

And when you are alone, you can speak out loud, ” Doris is peaceful and loving today.” 

And only then will you realize that you have control over your inner spirit; that place that comes to the surface helping you and others to be peaceful because they can see and feel your healing energy as you approach.

You are like a bird sitting on a branch singing your hopeful tune

You are like a bird sitting on a branch singing your hopeful tune


Meditation and prayer

Meditation and prayer can get you there but you have to do it; finding some silent time to just be with your breath and nature if you are taking a meditative walk alone.




Being alone

In the past I had difficulty with being alone, but today walking, meditating and praying help me more than I ever thought they could; brining me an inner silence and peaceful existence that I can bring to myself any time of the day or night. Even when I am restless in bed and cannot sleep, I bring visions of meditative ways and prayers that soothe me back to sleep.

I can see the waves of Lake Erie crashing into shore at the old lake house I lived in as a child. There I would sit on the edge of a cliff; watching the great waves and feeling the soothing rise and fall of the lake; sometimes appearing so gentle at low tide when you could walk to the sandbar; feeling your feet oozing in the softness, or riding on the large waves with my body, crashing into shore and doing it over and over again; mindful of the dangerous rocks but not worried about consequences as a child.
Be alone with yourself so that you can find some healing ways that make things better for you. Beginning with yourself is the place to be. Finding ways to be more hopeful and content with what is before you is a good start.