Reasons to Believe

There is reason to believe that just when you think things are so bad that you cannot stand it any longer; something changes to make things better.

The road of life has many curves, twists and bends. Stay with every one curve, twist and bend.

The road of life has many curves, twists and bends.


It may be your attitude changes to a more positive one, or it may be that you are spending some quality time with those positive friends that make you think about things differently.

A few days ago, Jamie gave me some good advice about life; she said that she regrets some of the quick decisions she made in the past and now she takes her time, especially with those meaningful decisions that will change your life, Jamie said with a stern look, ” Looking back I would have done things differently with the breakup of my marriage. I would have waited longer and thought more about what I was doing. And I would have made my husband work harder on trying to save our marriage. I seemed to be the only one there.”

And I, a person who does not have a good handle on love relationships will always remember those words because I too rush in and out of things like a great Sea Wave, crashing into the shore before I can take a breath of life. I now practice a mindful look at things; praying and meditating on my hard decisions in life. It helps to bring clarity to my life, and the balance that I need during difficult times.

Reasons for hopeful patience

When mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s I believed that there was reason for hope. She had been through so many illnesses in her life; this was just another one she and her family would have to cope with for many years. And as she went in and out of memory, I was patient with her; never asking her too many questions about things except for the present moment when I was with her; peeling an orange and handing her pieces of sweetness.


Stepping back

Step back and take some time today with your decisions in life. Even the small ones need some consideration and thought. Take one day at a time and you may find that your new year is better because you have found new ways to consider things in life before you make any final decisions.

My New Year’s Resolution is focusing on taking a look at the entire picture; gaining some needed clarity and hopeful energy to get me through the next moment in time.