I decided that it is time to help other people, and my New Year’s resolution is to become that person who is there for those who need me. And from now on  I will find things to do that are helpful, kind and enriching to those on my path.

Before I die I want to help others; brining positive energy to everyone I meet

Before I die I want to help others; brining positive energy to everyone I meet

Today I was speaking to a girl named Jamie who had  a slight memory of her grandmother, but it was so clear, she could see her Easy Bake Oven and how she baked a cake for her grandma just before she passed away. It was the last gift to grandma but it was so significant that she still remembers it many year later.

Slight Memories
As she spoke I began to think about all the slight memories  I have of my papa peeling a banana for me when I was 4, and how he held me so close in his arms. And that banana and his kind, warm smile is a memory I will never forget. He was my anchor, my shining star that grew dim when he passed but I will always remember him when I look up and see the brightest star in the sky shining down upon me. What are your good memories that seem to stick to you, bringing you warmth on a cold winter day?

Nana and her tears

When I think of my nana who is long past, and the tears that she shed after papa died, I begin to think of my own grieving of past and present  hurts and sorrows and how the tears run freely through my body like warm rivers creating a new path in my life. And tears are good to shed because they always help with taking the bad out and replacing it with some good in your life.

So cry when you need to; during the good and bad times in life, tears are a good thing; helping you to move past that grieving spot that may be keeping you stuck in anger, pain or hurt.

A beautiful child is born

Twenty-seven years ago almost to this day, I bore a child; a beautiful girl who still is a shining star in my life. She was not completely well at birth and I had to have bilirubin lights for her; cooking away her yellow body; releasing the toxins so that she could have a good liver to live her life well.

The doctor said I could bring home the equipment because I was a nurse. He believed in me; a good friend who knew I was a competent nurse with the skills to take care of my daughter.

And we watch her get better; the yellow from her body escaped in a few days. And people who loved us came to see our daughter grow and flourish in the incubator that helped her to be well.

And we thanked each person for visiting; even though we had to keep our home at 90 degrees so that the bilirubin machine would work; they came to visit.

Everyone looked at her with sparkling eyes; smiling gently as they reached down to touch her in a loving, healing way.

Today my daughter is not only well but a flourishing being who is a loving, kind person.

And it took a village of people to help my daughter; holding her, watching to make sure she was doing well in the incubator and telling me how proud they were that I was a nurse and able to bring her home to take care of this little angel from God.

These slight memories hold us to a place in the heart where we know that there is more to life than just breathing in and breathing out.

And your last breath will bring you to that special spot in the sky where someone will look up and see you as  special in their life; understanding that nothing ever ends, and you become a spirit watching from above; helping others to see the light of life.