How I feel about you

You carried me through deep waters; making sure that I always had what I seemed to need or want without complaining about my ways that were unlike yours.

Not all broken fences need or want to be fixed

Not all broken fences need or want to be fixed

I have this creative piece of my being, and you the analytical sense of purpose that gets things done well.

Letting go

Now it is your time and I want to step back and let you move on if you want to; flying away to do what you need to do because you have been there for me longer than you may want or desire.

Or you may want to re-kindle our love even though it may be a long way back to a place that feels like love again.

There are so many people who speak on lost loves; creating poetry and love songs that bring back the hope and caring; but it takes time and healing ways.

I step back now willing to stand by you while your find your direction and if it is with or without me, I will understand and let you go but not without a struggle  and many  tears because you were always there for me, and I will be patient because you have waited for me to be sound, strong and loving.

Fixing things

You fixed me when I was broken and now I want to return the favor; trying my best to guide you toward where you want to be. And if it takes a very long time, or if you want to walk alone; this too I will understand and I will let you go.

Letting go will help me too because I do not want to hang onto  love if there is nothing left. I would like to move on to a better place in my heart, even if it means letting go of you.

You decide in your own time to be or not to be with me and my struggles. You may have some difficulties to explore yourself in your mind, body and soul that you need alone time for. And I will be here waiting for you; hoping that you find your way back to me but knowing deep in my heart that things change and sometimes things do not fit into place any longer.

As I continue down the road, I will look deep inside my spirit; finding some past memories that were dear to my heart of you and our love for each other to hold dear.

I will continue to work on myself; making those changes that I need to make in order find my peace in life with the harmony of birds singing, loving friends to guide me and you if you find your way back.