Rising above to see where I am going

Looking down from above is something needed in life to see the entire picture and clarify true meaning to your new beginnings. And in the coming year you may want to start some new adventures in life that challenge you; moving you toward those  goals you have on your mind.

Bodily Changes

I seem to always start with my body. Bodily healing done in physical ways helps me to get centered and balanced in life; allowing my other selves to rest and then come out when I need them. And after a good walk or a round of yoga, I am ready to move into my spiritual body. There I concentrate and focus on just my breath; wondering why I had not done this before, I rise into downward facing dog and stretch. And after this long stretch, I come down into child’s pose to rest, meditate, pray and just be for a few moments in time, hovering above watching everything as it passes me by.


Snow can cloud your vision; not allowing you to see what is right before your eyes

Snow can cloud your vision; not allowing you to see what is right before your eyes

When you hover above, you know that someone is there to guide you in prayer and meditation. You look down and focus on what needs to change and then you begin the work of creating some of the new ways to look at the world so that you can challenge yourself once again.


Today I will allow myself the comfort of prayer and continuing meditative ways to soothe some of the struggles that are in the present moment. And I will begin to see that they are just difficulties that are getting in the way right now, and now permanent fixations blocking my view of life.

Inspirations for others
I have found that inspiring others is much easier that self-inspiration. And when I need a kind word, hug or a pat on the back I seek spirit out for comfort and balance; knowing that the clarity that comes from meditation will help me to make good decisions.

Spirit as friend

You are my friend; deep inside of me you linger, waiting for me to be okay with whatever needs I have in the moment. You are my heart, my eyes and my strength. You are always there for me, letting me know that with some time, this too shall pass. And if the pain is too strong for me, you will send someone or something to help me to pass through this difficult time in life.