Acceptance and Gratitude

Even when you do not feel like accepting the ways things are in life, you may have to

Catch your shadow and find some peace

Catch your shadow and find some peace

Sometimes you are forced into situations that are not your idea but you are there. Fighting the current may not be the answer because when you accept and even become grateful of your current situation, you are half way there to a balance in life.

The yin and yang: black and white of life

Life is about halves, and if you are lucky, your half will have more good than bad happenings. But if things just do not go as planned, you still have hope, acceptance and gratitude.

Keep on trying; moving down the road to a place that you find peace and harmony within yourself.

You have to work on yourself before you can help others. You have to find that place in your heart where there is a solid ground for yourself; you are planted in the earth, strong, flexible and unyielding.


And when change comes into your life whether it is your idea or not, accept it and move down the road of life with your head up and shoulders back because eventually you will be where you want to be in life. And if not, you will continue to make the changes you need to make in order to be at peace with yourself and others in your path.

Finding your Shadow

Your shadow is that hidden part of you that is always asking you to play. You may resist, but your spirit comes out to greet you every day; offering your challenging ways to help you with your inner health. You need to find your spirit each day through prayer, meditation, a walk alone; silent ways to just be in your shadow.

And this shadow that your see, and sometimes do not see is always there for you; offering you an alternatives that help; giving you the time to cry if you need or want to, laugh or find comfort with a friend.