I have not lost my way

Just when I feel like I have it all together, something happens where I have lost my way but it always comes back to me

just black and white

Sometimes things appear gloomy but then you remember that you can make your own sunshine


Life is like a pendulum swinging; one moment you may feel completely in control of every emotion; thoughts and feelings are in the middle and harmonizing with your breath. And then all of a sudden your swing the other way with some momentary negative thoughts and feelings that seem like they will last forever but you remember that it is all about your attitude in life, and you can change that in an instant to a more positive moment.

Do not lose sight of the abundance in your life. It is there right in front of you, asking you to come inside and enjoy yourself. This spirit surrounds you and you can talk to your inner self; creating some comfort on a cloudy day.

And yes, you can create your own sunshine with your words; thoughts, feelings and actions come together and you find your way through this moment.
Stop and look at what you are doing right now and come to an understanding that nothing in life is permanent; things pass along the way; the good and bad things in your life. You may have to savor the moments you have right now to be able to get through; finding your way again.
Feeling lost is not the end of the world; it can motivate you to make the positive changes in your life that are needed today.

Feeling found? That is when you look up to the sky and smile knowing that someone up there is looking after you; helping you to realize that you are strong, centered and balanced today.