Make a Difference

Good memories

I drove by my old neighborhood yesterday afternoon. It was a dreary day again, and someone told me it has been  53 days since we had any significant sunshine. I was not surprised because I can feel the lack in my body of that beautiful Vitamin D that is produced  from nature at its best.

When I think of my childhood visions of the holidays dance in my head. Today, I am hoping I can bring a smile to someone; making a difference in their lives.

When I think of my childhood visions of the holidays dance in my head. Today, I am hoping I can bring a smile to someone; making a difference in their lives.

On my way home, I passed by my childhood lake house. Being by water seems to help me get in touch with my inner being where I can bring up some beautiful memories of walking along the beach collecting worn, colorful glass, fossils and shells. The sand fills my toes as I walk without shoes; feeling every step along the way. And this feeling of feeling everything right down to my toes is what I need to know I am alive, well and helpful to others. Walking barefoot helps with getting in touch with yourself and learning how to be in your body; strong, centered and balanced.

Childhood memories

Still standing strong, my childhood home looks  worn now, and that little tree that I used to sit by in the center of the front yard is much bigger with large branches streaming out around it.  And the tree looks stronger and more flexible than it used to be, just like me. I feel stronger now, especially in my body because I continue down this aging path, making sure that I keep mind, body and soul strong and flexible just like my childhood tree.




Old friends

I was taking my grandson to my home after school as we passed by my old neighborhood. I don’t pass that way much anymore because it is out of the way on most of my travels. I used to visit often when mom was alive and healthy. I can still see her in the driveway walking up to the mailbox, or sweeping; getting her sunshine for the day.

When I picked my grandson up at school I saw an old friend. I recognized her immediately as she did me; she had that same smile she had as a child with a space between her two front teeth that really fit her well.

We spoke for a moment; I speaking about some past relationships and she about how many things have changed in her life as she spoke,  “Things have changed but some stay the same; your grandson looks just like your son did as a child. That is why I was waiting to see you, I was so excited to see you again.” “It must be at least 20 years and we still look the same,” I said with a grin.

I loved Lydia and her family. We were a close neighborhood and I knew all of the children on my street. Lydia and her sisters babysat for my boys when they were young; getting them off the bus after school while I was working. And now she is doing it again for me; paying it forward  as Lydia helps with my grandson on the school bus. Lydia makes a difference in the lives of children; helping with the young ones in a loving way.

Making a difference

We all have time in life to make a difference; finding purpose in some meaningful tasks in life that help others to get through the day. It may be as simple as helping a child or as complicated as learning how to help yourself through life; stumbling with relationships that fail or blossom, or helping your family and friends through kind words and deeds.