Getting it right

Learning your lessons well

The simple things in life like a snow storm can become a lesson on how to take care of yourself

The simple things in life like a snow storm can become a lesson on how to take care of yourself

If you believe in the Karmic view of life, you are familiar with the notion that we have to keep on doing the same thing until we get it right.
Lessons come in many forms; some are good and some not so good to go over again until the perfection of the lesson is there before you.

Where do you fit into this learning curve on your life adventures?

Are you working on something right now in your mind, body and soul that has to be learned well before you move on?

Lesson in love

Lessons in love seem to be the hardest for me to learn well. I seem to keep going over the same rough road of life where the streets are not paved; just rubble and stone, a rough ride through the path.

And if my road was paved, the path  that I speak on would be smoother and easier to negotiate on; less curves and dangerous corners.

I am a persistent soul, so I try over and over again to move down the rough path, gathering stones to even out the roughness of living life’s lessons well.

” You have to make good decisions about life if you want to be happy.” said a friend recently on the topic of love. But what are the decisions that you have to make in life’s circle that will bring you harmony?

Coming back

In Karmic views, you come back to the same spot in time to learn the lesson well and hopefully you begin to change the original  decision you made to help the round peg fit into the square hole through self-discovery and personal growth that leads you down a better path.

Self-improvement to help in relationships

Some believe that you do not have to work on love relationships, and let them be without tending to them. This is a lesson that we all learn very well throughout life.

You need to make changes in yourself before things become smoother with others along your together path.

And your partner may need to change things in their many selves to be able to stay on the path with you.

Sometimes people change and you do not notice the changes right away;this too can make the road rough when you are traveling down two different paths.

If you are like me and you do not know what is a good decision, you will flounder in life like a fish out of water and finally give up the fight, or you will push on looking for the right path, knowing that some day soon it will be clear to you that it is right before your eyes, and you will smile and move on to another Karmic lesson.

Tend to your many lessons; loving yourself first and mending through self-discovery and self-efficacy; taking that first step toward your self-improvement lessons.