Happy times

What makes me happy?

A smile is always on my face in the presence of  my children and grandchildren.

Misty moons at night make me feel good

Misty moons at night make me feel good


My children are in my mind’s eye every single day; sending me positive vibrations and energy whenever I need to blast some positive ways into my life.

They are my shining stars in the night, that blue moon, and  the sunshine in my days. They are  the reason that I get up in the morning, breathing in and out the giggles and running about.




What are your happiness triggers?

Just like sadness triggers, you also have some happy ones. Those meaningful times in your past that get you into a better mood when you bring them into your vision. Those days you tell yourself that you have no time for sadness of moodiness; too much to do and too little time on this earth to settle for unhappiness.

You are here for a reason; to bring the sunshine into another person’s heart which will also give you the warmth of a sunny day as you walk on your path toward wellness in mind, body and soul.

Visions of the holiday season; bringing smiles to everyone who passes by

As I walk in the village near my home, I see moving dolls with candles in the windows of the storefronts.  The dollies are dressed in their felt red dresses; holding candles to brighten up the store front.

It brings a tear to my eye as I remember mom bringing us downtown to see the store windows and then go to the movie Mary Poppins. My sisters and I were so excited to see a movie in the big theater. The red felt curtains draw open and Julie Andrews sings her song.

The red, gold, and silver bells all ringing out the holiday songs and our crunchy sounds beneath our feet making icy crackles that ring in the air. Mom said, ” You will remember this time when you are older because it will be special, and you will tell your children about it.” Seeing mom’s face shining brightly with rosy cheeks from the frosty air puts a smile on my face right now as I write down this memory.

Write your memories and save them for a happy time with your family and friends; telling each other about past, hopeful events that bring a smile on a chilly winter day.