When you reach up

After you have done all that you can to help yourself and others, it is time to let go, looking up to spirit, and bringing in the angels to guide you through the path you are on.

As the ice melts so do your fears of changing

As the ice melts so do your fears of changing

Just when you feel like there is no more hope, there is more.
And the more comes from you and spirit when you pray and meditate.
Take time today to reach up and find yourself; you will begin to see clearly where you are going when you let go and just listen, feel and touch an angel’s presence.

Take a walk in nature to feel, under your feet and above in the sky; listening to the sounds of peace embracing you; telling you to stay focused on helping to be alright with whatever happens in your life because you have done your part in choosing to help yourself and others.

And when you let go of things, you can clearly see the goals in life that are left for you to complete. Find a way to contain those thoughts so that you can motivate yourself to complete some of your life’s adventures. I continue to write things down daily, and pick out the important things that I need to accomplish throughout the weeks, months and years.

I have goals, some are just in my head, but others I have written down and look at on occasion so that I do not lose focus on what I need to complete in life.

Fear of change

Allow the heavens to open up and guide you toward making the needed changes in life to put you on the right path. Pray, meditate and just be every day for some me time to get in touch with spirit. This time will help you to be calm and in touch with your inner soul; guiding you toward harmony and balance.

Do not fear things that you should embrace. Change is an important part of growing in mind, body and spirit. And when you do make positive changes in your life you will feel so much better, so take those needed steps. Even if they are tiny steps; move yourself toward your goals in life and you will be amazed at how much better your life becomes.

Containing your focus

Goals are important. You need direction in life.

Today is the day to start your container; placing some letters to yourself on what your needs are for the year and keeping them safely tucked away; looking at them on occasion, adding to them and then finally leaving them be. And next year opening what you have placed in your box throughout the year that may or may not be completed. And you will discover what you have completed throughout the year that you are proud of, what still needs work, and what may not be important any longer.

This yearly event can be done with others who struggle with direction; doing this event at your yearly holiday party where everyone puts a goal or direction they have into the box for safe keeping.

Listing your focus

My dad makes lists and has a new goal list every year that he crosses off as he accomplishes them. This is also a good way to keep track of yourself and your goals. When you cross everything off of your list, a smile will come to your face as you begin your new list.