Finding just one blissful moment

Looking Closely

If you look closely at your life, you will see that there were  many times that were full of wonder; even blissful awakenings that you savor now as you gaze back.

Is it because you make blissful moments for yourself, or is it because it just is?

Walk in the sand without your shoes and feel something today.

Walk in the sand without your shoes and feel something today

We wander around in life with the notion that we always  need happiness, but is it happiness we seek, or is it just the thought of it?





And when you are sad, whatever it is that triggers it to be, you can also turn it around in a moment, making those sad moments better ones.

Blissful ways from my childhood

In my vision as a young child I often find myself standing in front of a little blooming tree that had the scent of such sweetness it took my breath away and  I can taste its wonder right now if I close my eyes.

The flowers were a shade of pink and white with a white bark  trunk that I never seem to see anymore; a sort of dwarf tree- like picture comes to mind as I find a blissful moment.


And this small tree  still stands strong in the middle of the front yard of my old childhood home that I pass by on occasion; sometimes on purpose just to take a look at the beautiful lake house.

Those special moments; watching time pass by as I quietly sat by the tree that gave no shade because it was too tiny but packed with a honeysuckle sweetness that surpassed any sweetness I have experienced in my entire life.

Bring some sweetness into your life with positive, sweet people

There is something about sweet people too; they are full of loving energy and positive vibrations that surrounds and cares for you.

If you are a kind, sweet person, people love you and want to be near  you all the time. They seek you out when they need a zap of energy.

When I think of that moment sitting by the tree, I believe that I am blessed with a wonderful memory that lingers in my soul telling me to grab onto my spirit and fly about to look down on the honeysuckle wonder of one tiny tree.