Riding through the storm

You may just have to wait for the storm to end in your life

Or you can ride through  to the other side; pushing  hard every step of the way.

I would like to believe that I am a patient soul and can wait out any storm in my life but I am not.

I struggle a lot with trying to fit square pegs into round holes; forcing things to happen, and when they do not go as I had planned, I wonder why. Maybe if I had been more patient like my mother, things would unfold for me in a more pleasant manner.

With love in my heart and kindness in my soul, I figure that pushing is okay because I have good intention. But this is not true. No matter what your intention, things in life will unfold the way they are supposed to, with or without your help.

If only I could finally figure out how to just be still for a moment and take a good look at where I am going; writing some plans down and looking at it to see what needs to be done. And beginning by working on myself; making some changes in my mind, body and soul that will lessen some of the load I feel I am carrying around all the time.


 Happiness and finding your way

What is happiness? Will you know it if you see it?

Windows capture your moments that are special because when you look, you can see past the trees to your center

Windows capture your moments that are special because when you look, you can see past the trees to your center

My goal in life is to be as happy as I can be, and that means that I have to provide myself with some inner guides to help me along this path. Goals, accomplishments and daily lists can help but what I  really need to change in order to survive this  present juncture in life is hidden from my sight. I am never sure if I am going in the right direction and my self- confidence is not as sturdy as it used to be, maybe in part because I am stuck in a type of rut that is holding me back. I feel a need to break free and do something totally different! If this is you, plan well!
Focus on yourself

What is needed is a  focus back; finding ways to be patient with yourself in daily activities and goals. Pushing yourself too hard will not help. You may need to slow down and see the roses in life’s adventures; feeling, touching and holding things dear in your life that you already have, and that is where your happiness lies waiting for you.