Ring your bells

When I hear bells or chimes I think of mom

She  loved the sound of musical instruments in our home. We all learned how to play different instruments; my favorite the piano and its blissful sounds helping me to settle down on stressful days. And musical instruments still help me today to settle down and just be calm.

Wake up and listen to the chimes

Wake up and listen to the chimes

And mom chimed a bell for us to hear; as children need time outdoors to shake off the energy and then come back inside.

She would ring the bell telling us it was time to come inside; back to the warmth of a cup of hot chocolate on a snowy day.

Today, while walking I heard mom softly saying to me ” Move on and be peaceful.” and as I heard this voice the chimes hanging from a neighbor’s door started to ring. And there was no wind to move them, just mom signaling to me that she was near.

Three times I heard chimes on the way home that I never heard before on this path that I usually take, and I wondered why it was not quiet today with the stillness and crispness of the snow under my feet. It was because of mom wanting me to hear her as her spirit soared by me touching my shoulders and pushing me down the road. And then the wind came up to greet me; spraying some bits of snow into my face. Thank you mom for the awakening.


And in this blissful moment I knew that things would be good today because of mom’s presence. She tells me quietly that I just have to wait; be patient and good things will arise in my life again. And I believe because mom always stayed through the good and the bad times with a smile on her face because she was there to help her family move through life with grace, hope and harmony.

Sing a song

There is something good about the softness of chimes. They sing a song like the birds in the trees telling simple stories of good times in life that need to be remembered every so often.

Ring your bells today, signaling to someone somewhere that you are here sending them some positive energy that they can pass along to others.