Reminding yourself to practice patience

When I am feeling troubled it is usually because I am not patient with myself in the things that I need to do.

Life is like a circle with a center where you keep  your past, present and future dreams

Life is like a circle with a center where you keep your past, present and future dreams

Practicing patience with others seems to be easier because you have empathy for their path; knowing that they need time and thought to move along.
Make it a goal today to practice being kind to yourself in all of your selves including mind, body and spirit.
Your mind needs ongoing enrichment, your body exercise and movement and your spirit needs to come out and talk to you about living life well.

Filling your container with the yin and yang of life

Begin to think of your mind’s eye as a big container where you keep things instead of dwelling on them.


They are stored in this large container because you are practicing a form of patience where you will know when things are ready.

And if you do not know because there has not been an inspiring ah hah thought coming into your inner vision, then you need to practice more patience.

Working with others and forming a new voice of togetherness

In relationship development it may be good to be patient and wait for your partner to talk to you instead of you always being the one to initiate communication. Waiting is troublesome to many people; including myself because I want answers all the time. Sometimes there are no answers to problems you are having and that is why you have to wait for others to join with you in discovering peace and harmony in your relationship.

Communication needs to become a two way street when you practice with your partner. Some people have problems expressing their feelings while others are too quick with telling it all. This yin and yang of partnership can bring people together or pull them apart. It is a delicate balance and you have to develop the skill of communicating effectively and be patient with the results.

Mindful of your needs

If you are a giving person you may expect reciprocation and if you do not feel that you receive as much as you give then you need to take a look at what giving and receiving is all about.

Giving and receiving are the same. You need to be patient with this too. Remember to give with your heart. Just randomly giving gifts may not be what you need to do. Physical things have little meaning in life. Give the gift of a kiss, warm hug, a hardy handshake or a smile. These kinds of gifts come back to you.

Relationship with yourself

Always come back to nourishing yourself. Give yourself a day of doing nothing but taking care of you; pampering yourself with a warm bath, taking a nap mid afternoon for no reason at all, cuddling under a warm blanket watching your favorite re-runs of I love Lucy.

Bring back your confidence and loving nature if you feel lost today sending positive vibrations and healing energy to others that you meet.

Work on your internal patience with yourself. You are a loving, kind person who needs to grow; spreading your wings and flying above this beautiful world, gazing down at the beauty before you.