Tiny White Bells

Springtime Bells

In the yard at the lake house we had tiny white bell flowers on the side of the house.

Mom and I would pick them for the table because they had such as sweet, honeysuckle smell that we both enjoyed, brightening up our day with the scent of a sweetness in the air.

And the bells ring so softly flowing through the air

The flowers we picked had bells perfectly formed like you could ring them and hear their beauty. Bells have become a part of my present moments in my yoga practice along with  ringing bells to call upon mom when I need her near.

We had a bell at our back door when I was and child that mom would ring to get us to the house for dinner.

And I am sure that mom as an angel now remembers the sound of the dinner bell when I ring bells for her.


tree and wish

Wishing I could step back into my childhood one more time to smell the sweetness of white honeysuckle bells

Wintertime Poinsettias
In the winter we would buy  Christmas flowers; reds and whites to put on the table for a bright day.
A few years ago, a Poinsettia  plant that I bought for Christmas lasted 2 years until someone threw it out. I seem to have people around me who take liberties with throwing away my possessions but I forgive them for their thoughtlessness because they may have really felt like the plant was not beautiful anymore without its red leaves.

Around here, Poinsettias  only bloom in the winter; staying green throughout the spring, summer and fall, and re-blooming in the winter.

And these significant flowers are important to me; not just their beauty but what they mean to my inner soul; bringing up thoughts of mom, family gatherings and teary times in my life. Sometimes you may feel like you are discarded or forgotten in some ways, especially as you age but do not fret about things that happen that are not what you choose because everything unfolds as it should in life, and at its own pace.

If you are a good person, eventually good things come your way, and staying on the positive side of life can bring you abundance and happiness in due time.

Count your blessings; writing them down to look at when you are feeling a bit down, and remember to put beautiful flowers on your table to glance at every time you walk by.

Healing Ways

Develop some of your own traditions and healing ways that help you to cope with things that come into your life; good and bad times will be there no matter how hard you try to sweep the bad away; it still comes and goes.

Heal others with your touch; a gentle hug or a pat on the back may help someone else move toward wellness today. Take time to be with people who love you and count your blessings together.