Wintery days and sunshine are all the same

Wouldn’t it be nice to have it all?

Having it all is seeing snow on tree braches looking like puffs of cotton

Having it all is seeing snow on tree braches looking like puffs of cotton



Everything you ever wanted in life is before your eyes.
You do have it.

Visualize your dreams; allowing them to surface so that you can take a good look at what you need right now in this moment.

You may not see it right now because it is clouded with some drama that is happening to you or some bad news that you just received, but it is there, your world with the sunshine, loving people and harmonious living.



Welcome Back
You just have to find your way back Dorothy.

Finding your Wizard and getting back to the way it used to be for you in your mind’s eye.
Back home to where you started your life; knowing that there would be struggles, challenges, good times and bad. And it is nice to know that you are still here; that person deep inside of you with all the confidence and strength to move mountains still exists inside your soul.

Spirit brings a mindful and hopeful look at life

Bring your spirit back to the surface of your life; counting your blessings. And then bring back hope to your side for challenging times. This hopeful way will take you back to yourself; the person in the mirror with the bright smile as warm rays of sunshine push you back to your many selves in mind, body and spirit.

Be active today, making every day a movement through your sunshine of life, even on cloudy, wintery days.

Bring a mindful way into your life where you stop, holding still for a moment; taking a deep breath and them moving on to life’s tasks for the day.