Every morning, a positive start!

Get up every morning and do something different

Change something about your usual routine to shake yourself up.

This positive flow of energy will be yours throughout the day because you did something different.

You started a brand new adventure in life with built in challenges to meet that can build your confidence; putting a flame underneath your feet. And you feel this energy moving throughout your body as you stand strong in a yoga asana called Tree.

Tree is flexible but strong; moving slightly like the swaying of branches that are guided by the breeze and stiff winds that circle your being.

Change it up with some yoga

Change it up with some yoga
















Those little things you do  in life can make a difference in you day.
Stop thinking about all the tomorrows and concentrate on the moment that you are in; focusing your thoughts on some positive things in your life right now, writing them down and checking back tomorrow to see if you need another zap of positive energy added to your life.

Colorful healing
Look at things with color first; seeing some greens in shades of gray. Some yellows buds peeking through the snow in the dead of winter. Find ways to heal yourself with some bright colors by wearing, surrounding yourself, and breathing in yellows and oranges!

Forgiving yourself and others
Be as forgiving as you can as the day progresses because you need to forgive yourself more than once today for what you may be putting off or the sour mood that you seem to be in. Change your mood and attitude about everything in life today. Become that positive person you want and need to be.

Forgive and move on the brighter days with sunshine that you can feel and touch. And when you walk down your road of life; feel the internal push from behind, propelling you toward your next goal; feeling confident that you can attain that next challenge in life with grace and dignity.