Yoga and Weight Loss

When someone asks me how I keep my weight maintained I always think of yoga first

For some relaxing, stress reducing times, I love child's pose.

For some relaxing, stress reducing times, I love child’s pose.

I do eat a plant based diet with lots of fruits and veggies, and I exercise every day, but I truly believe that the mind, body and soulful ways of yoga keep me in place; still, strong, flexible and weight maintained.
There is reason to believe that yoga keeps you so very calm that you do not need to eat so much.
The first pose that comes to mind when I think of stillness and my ability to stay in a particular pose is child’s pose. When you are in that pose you are so still and calm; melting into the mat. You can meditate in Child’s pose; closing your eyes and just being calm for a long moment.




Yoga and your gut

I believe that many of the twisting  asanas can help with weight loss and maintenance along with poses that reach into your core such as boat and Cat/Cow.

When you do seated twists and poses such as lifting your belly in bridge and fish, you are allowing your belly to literally move, causing your colon to digest and feel good. And when you are in Cat/Cow or boat, you are literally tightening and strengthening your belly.

Another twisting motion twist is called Bananasana which twists you side to side; opening up your entire side body as you turn yourself into a banana. It is amazing that an asana called Bananasana  may be able to help you just as much as eating the rich in potassium banana.

Mindfulness development

Do not forget about the power of mindfulness in your development of your personal yoga path. When you are mindful of your poses; resolving to stay still and silent, you are growing in your yoga practice. Mindfulness can also be your beginning to a meditative practice. In meditation you become one with your mind, body and soul; developing a deep sense of stillness which brings harmony and balance into your life.

Bringing mindfulness into your meals

When you are mindful in your eating of nutritious foods; you slow yourself down, chewing slowly, putting your fork down between bites and enjoying your meal and life.

Powerful Breath

Another area of yoga is the breath. When you learn how to slow yourself down with the breath, at any given moment, you are ready for anything including whether or not you choose that piece of chocolate cake or an apple.

The yogic breath is central to everything in yoga. You resolve to be still in your poses and then you slow yourself down with some deep breaths that are so deep you can feel your shoulders rise on the inhale; you count to 5 as you breathe in and then you release with a slow count of 7 to get all the air out of your lungs. You practice this every day so that your calmness becomes part of your breath.

Powerful poses ( make sure you ask your doctor about upside down poses if you have difficulties with vertigo or hypertension)

Another powerful pose that truly helps with anxiety which can lead to a better you in mind, body and soul is forward straddle, spreading your legs apart, bending your knees and being upside down for a moment in time can help with anxiety and stress in your life.

Straddle can help you with anxiety and stressful times  in your life

Straddle can help you with anxiety and stressful times in your life

Take a look at yoga closely for your continuing health and wellness goal. You can practice it alone, with friends, or take a class where you will meet liked minds.

For more information:

You can  google some pose names to take a look at how a poses is done. There are many ways to start your mind, body and soulful living.