Surrender and you will be free of pain and worry

When you let go and surrender yourself to whatever is going to happen in life, you become free of worry and pain. You are no longer sad or unhappy; you are in the groove of living. That place when the rubber meets the road; anchored in stability and inner strength; able to sort things out as you look through the screen of life allowing  things to pass that need to.

As you gaze through time past, you see that there is a reason to just be patient; waiting for things to pass; both the good and bad

There is a reason to be patient

Surrendering helps you to realize that many things are not in your control, and when you learn how to manage the things that are in your control such as taking care of yourself, things will change in your life. In order for you to move through life with some ease, you have to take care of you first.

Special Times
Do something special for yourself today. It could be as simple as getting up earlier tomorrow and taking a walk during a time when you usually are still in bed.

Do something different with yourself; something special such as buying yourself some flowers to put on your table or sending a special gift to someone you have not spoken to in some time. Whatever it is, change something about your usual mode of operation right now, in this moment. And then you will feel better because you have surrendered that unrest in your life that brings you constant threat of sadness and grief.

Your state of mind can be changed in an instant from the sad, poor me attitude to one of gratitude and forgiveness.

Forgive yourself first for not being kinder and more caring  about you!

Then forgive others who you feel have done you wrong or made your life more difficult.

And if it is difficulties that you have that should be someone else’s problem, thank them for giving you a chance to make things better for yourself because when you struggle, you grow and become the person that you want to be.

Struggling through life is a gift from your spirit; telling you how strong and able you are to get through those rough spots in life.

Hopeful ways

Develop some new and hopeful ways to deal with daily life events and be happy instead of sad. Turn yourself around and keep strong and sturdy so that you can pass this healing way to others who are in your path.

People will seek out your strength when they need you, and you will feel good because you helped another human being get through the sadness into the happy moments of living life well.