Are you Valuable?

Find ways to be of service to others; being a valuable asset to them when they need it

Some of us collect the old; finding valuable items for others


If you do not feel value from yourself, begin to build it inside of you; becoming your own best friend.

Doing things special for yourself that you can smile about; even those small things like buying yourself some flowers every week can become a special moment in your mind’s eye.

Raise the ladder on yourself today; guiding you toward some changes that you have been concentrating on and doing something right now, in the moment that will lead you to that special moment.

Be an expert at something. Be the kind of person who others look for when they need information related to what you do for a living, or find pleasure in with a hobby.

Many of my hobbies have turned into profitable ways; an added bonus when you become an expert.

And when your self-esteem moves toward the blue sky, thank spirit for helping you along the way; guiding you toward that ring on the ladder that moved you closer to  your dreams and goals in life.

Sharing your Craft

Share your value with others who need to learn about what you do that keeps you on the positive side of life. You are fresh every day because you have focused yourself on delving into your skill each day; becoming an expert at your craft.

What are your special ways?

Maybe you are an expert at helping people through grief in their lives and people seek you out when they need to talk about life and the good and bad happenings. Or maybe you are the one person that everyone comes to when they need something stitched up! Your seamstress skills are excellent. Look around and see what others do to keep themselves motivated toward their special ways and find your place of value.

There are so many things in life that you can become a valuable asset, just look around and find your place in this wondrous world.