Balancing Life

Check your many selves today starting with your physical self

I remember as a child placing a book on my head and walking across our living room whispering quietly as not to unsettle the book, “Let’s see who can keep the book on top of our head the longest.” My two sisters and I  would all struggle to be the one with the best balance. And sometimes I won, and sometimes not; and  this game made me realize that I was not always the best balanced person.

If you begin to think of yourself as a balancing act every day, you will become very aware that you are not always 100% in your many selves.

Your Physical Sense of Wellness

Stand on one foot and then the other to see where you are in your physical body.

If you are not equal (and you may not be balanced today) take care of your imbalance for the day by being aware. Awareness brings about clarity and abundance to your day which can bring hope, harmony and self- love. And with self- love brings about a new sense of confidence and strength to your inner being. Love yourself today and every day, and then you can send energy to others who may need love at their heart center.

You have roots

You have roots


Mental Health
With your mental well-being, take time today with decisions; whether they are small or large; they all need care and careful consideration.

If you have a large decision to make today, take time to contemplate and meditate on your decision; this helps to bring about a well thought out plan of action that you will feel good about. You will begin to see that you are a good decision maker; having the resources within yourself to make careful and sound choices for the day and for your continued success in life.

Emotional Health
Emotions can be the most difficult balance in life, especially if you have an ongoing issue that may bring tears to your eyes at any given moment. Take time today to watch yourself and your issues for the day; making them just today’s difficulties not tomorrows. Emotional health can be strengthened with the help of others. Meet with friends to discuss emotional things and this may bring about a new way to guide you through moments that bring about grief and sorrow; changing your focus to a happier persona.


Spiritual Guides
For your spiritual self today; delve into your inner being, allowing spirit to surface. Spirit can guide you to a new level; helping you with grief and sorrow. Pray, meditate, just be with spirit today.

Yogini Ways

Try a yoga pose like tree asana to strengthen your inner self; drawing your arms up straight to the sky; grounding your feet deep into the ground as if you have roots.

And these new found roots with plant you for the day; holding you strong, centered and balanced.

Balancing Life

Balancing life begins with a thought; a simple thought about self- love and internal happiness that you can bring about to yourself every day of your life with just a smile.