Who got my good stuff?

My positive moments need to be turned up a notch

Life as I know it has been difficult and sometimes I feel cheated a bit. Not in everything I do, but sometimes I feel like someone else got my good stuff.

Seeing through my window of time past to my good stuff

Seeing through my window of time past to my good stuff

If you have my good stuff, please give me a little bit of yours because I have had so many difficulties in life that I don’t deserve one more second of  negativity, dread or horror from myself or others in my path.

My internal being needs a new heart center

In my reality, my plea  is of my internal self; the place deep down inside of my heart center where I know good things are saved for those not so sunny days. I do not need a new heart center, what I need is some clearing of the negative thoughts that come from an unequal balance in my life right now. I know that I can fix it but it will take some time.


Ask and you shall receive

Just the thought of asking someone to help me get better seems to help me on my road to wellness. I have reached out for some guidance from others and it was difficult to take that first step, but now I am there, and I encourage you to reach out to others for help when you need it.

Having someone to talk about those bad times seems to help you push through them into the sunny side of life.


Just for today,  get into the shoes of another person who seems to be luckier than you; having the joy of laughter and giggles again; enjoying smiling and loving others. And then find your way to mirror their movements in life on a daily basis. Act like them, smile like them, and then be like them; making your own lucky ways.

Remember that no one has your good stuff

If this is you, no one has your good stuff, it just feels that way sometimes when you are overwhelmed by living life.

Everyone has bad and good times;  if  it seems like you have more bad then good, begin to keep track and you will find that  the good times are getting more frequent because you are activity seeking to become a happier person.
Begin the process of loving yourself throughout the good and the bad because that is a good place to start your path toward wellness in mind, body and soul.