Stop the complications

Bring back those happy times when life was simple and I was in eternal bliss

My happy times seem to be in the wonders of colorful things

My happy times seem to be in the wonders of colorful things

I am not sure why those blissful times have left my life, or maybe they are still there, but I am not looking.

I believe that sometimes I may complicate my life for no reason at all. When I have things to do and people to spend time with, I feel happier so I may be complicating something that could be done in a simple way. You may think that you also have to fill your day with endless tasks as I do, but you do not.

There is always tomorrow to do those things you left out of your life today.

Stop the struggle

If you stay out of the past you may be able to stop for a moment and see that you can love yourself and others just where you are in life.

Begin to honor what is here in the present so that you can strengthen  love  for yourself and others without surrounding the relationships with complications that may prevent you from having some fun in life.

I remember telling my mom that I did not have enough time in the day to  just drop by and see her,  but as I aged, I made time and special moments with her because I knew that she would not be with me forever. I used to love asking her how she felt about things in life so that I could try to manage myself as strongly as she had. She had so much strength and love for herself and others; it poured out of her as she listened to my difficulties, and with a smile she would say, “You will find your way in life.”
Sad but true events are numerous in my life as was in my mother’s life. It seems that some people get more handed to them then others. And there is a saying; you don’t get more than you can handle in life but I feel at times that I did get more.

Maybe getting more can help me because I will have more practice than other people at getting things right in life.