My Story

There are so many versions to individual stories, and they do change throughout the years.

As time passes, the stories of antique goods become more and more distorted

As time passes, think of a good time to cherish

Those good parts and not so good parts of your past and present are here waiting for you to carry on with strength, resiliency and hope for a better story tomorrow.
Today my story is of kindness; wanting the best to happen in my day but hoping that a medium day would be okay too.
That medium place where it is not too good or not too bad is the place to be sometimes because you may have to work at it to stay there, but not as hard as a perfect day!

Thinking back to some good times

Old things intrigue me; taking me back to a time when I was a child. Papa had a large scale where he weighed things, and told me to never touch it because it would not be accurate.

I don’t remember much of his selling of goods but my dad told me about Papa’s store.

Dad still likes to hang cheese and dry sausage and still did it until a few years ago, an Italian tradition as was making sausages for the holidays. He had one of those sausage grinders and hand press where you had to get the casings around the end to fill the sausages. He and my Uncle Joe would take time during the holidays to make sausages while mom and her sister Phyllis made the traditional sauce along with their own raviolis, tripe and feigies  which were a fried type of dough.

The memories keep flowing as I think back to a time when things seemed to be still and slow moving. The day to day activities were numerous with the cooking and preparing of meals around the holidays, but the pace was good.

Today with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, take a moment to slow yourself down to a pace that feels good so that you can enjoy life.