All relationships have flaws with peaceful and painful times, and in the disillusioned times find some peace in yourself; that spot that tells you that you stand alone with your flaws too.

Even the most peaceful scenes have flaws

Even the most peaceful scenes have flaws

And in your painful times there may be rivers of tears and discontentment where words flow out of your mouth with negative intent to give someone you love a hardy sting like a bee; the pain travels throughout your body filling your entire being  and  disrupting your inner, natural flow like a colorful butterfly  spreading its wings inside of you for a moment that seems to last forever.

And if this flow wakes you up, it may send you in a different direction in life; watching out for the stinging bees as you walk along a grassy path without your shoes, or taking chances on what is right before you in the moments you have day to day.



Taking responsibility for your fatal flaws that may sting another

It is easier to sit back and allow others to make all the mistakes in life, and then say, ” See, I told you so! We were not meant to be together.” The hard work comes when you try the opposite; that yin and yang way where there are good and bad days, and the light keeps growing stronger as your love does. And then the gray areas of life blend together holding your closer instead of drifting apart.

Putting myself back together

In a slow pace I came to the conclusion that I needed to mend myself before I could help with another person in life. I continue down the road putting myself in the shoes of others; wondering why some have drifted away from me,  and others have drifted toward me. What are they all trying to tell me about life, pain, heartache and love?

Give me one more beautiful day

As I sit in the shoes of another, I wonder where to go next; knowing that I am not without flaws and have made many mistakes in life that have brought me some consequences; both good and bad.  And in the Karmic flow of things, there will always be one more bad day but also one more good day to counter the yin and yang of life.