Be Receptive today, putting love in your heart

During the holidays it is difficult to open your heart, smile and be kind to yourself and others, especially if you lost someone recently or holidays seem to bring up difficult memories for you.

Looking past some things today and staying in the present

Looking past some things today and staying in the present

Today, take the time to put some love in your heart; opening yourself to others who may need a friend.

Even if you are feeling sad today, try to pick someone else up so that you too can rise above and put some love back into your soul; allowing your spirit to come out and bring you and others warmth and caring times.

Find reasons to be there for others; taking time to talk about anything and everything. Choosing to be open, peaceful and optimistic; giving you the confidence you need to move on in life’s path.

Do not get stuck today; be joyful for right now because this moment is all that you have.

Look at things from a different perspective today; where a positive attitude is all that you need in order to survive your good and bad times.

Remember to make a list today of the things you are thankful for and look at it daily to inspire a positive you.


Spread some positive energy with your smile today; bringing some love and caring to everyone you meet. Helping, loving, caring and being hopeful about the present moment.

And when your positive energy circles around someone, giving them a hug of love, you will feel on top of the world.


Allow yourself to be truly spiritual today; being thankful on this special day because every day is special;bringing you guidance for your next step and gratitude that you can get up, breathe and live one more day.