We are sturdy like a tree

You are sturdy

Trees stand strong even against the weight of heavy, drifting snow

Trees stand strong even against the weight of heavy, drifting snow


Think of yourself as a tree with a strong center and long, strong and flexible arms that hold you in place when you need them to.

You stand straight and tall; holding yourself up with confidence and peaceful thoughts.

You are positive with words to others that help them along their journey and you give of yourself in ways that bring some needed energy to others; circling the Universe and dropping kindness down like a snowflake.
You know how sturdy you really are, and it shows on your face each day as you pass a friend, giving a wave, a warm embrace and a smile.



The strong

A man named  Jay walks along the sidewalk near the village where I live almost every day. Sometimes I stop and talk to him because he really helps me see the whole picture of life; that place where you know you have it pretty good because there is always someone who is having a tragic moment much worse than your struggles.

He started to talk to me and then a man stepped out of the shop in front of us.

Jay said, “Just a minute Doris, I have to see Tom.”

They talked for a moment and Tom was explaining his story; waving his arms in the air with a sort of desperation as he explained how bad the recent storm was to him and his family.  Jay padded him on his back as he walked back to me with a smile.

We decided to walk together for another moment and then a woman stopped her car to talk to Jay, she had tears in her eyes and he waved for me to stay for another moment because he really wanted to give me some time.

I had nothing but time on my hands; that is why I walk and talk to people in the village; so I waited to speak with Jay. I really wanted to tell him of my personal plight in life but I knew that he had his own with his wife recently passing away. It seems like yesterday when I used to see Jeanne and her smiling face. She was a kind soul like Jay.

When he came back he said, “I had to speak to Millie because her daughter passed away this morning and she needed someone to tell.” I choked up for a moment and then we walked toward the post office to see another friend. Jay is our outlook person, the one who takes it all in and gives you comfort for the moment. Just being with Jay for that moment in the village was enough for me; I did not have to struggle the rest of the day because of seeing other people’s struggles in life; making mine seem less intense.

Take time today to make some friends that you can confide in and listen to when your need is great.