Moving past


Finding your way; deciding what to change in life

Most of the time you know when to move on and get going.

Things have to change in life and  you may get stuck in something that is not what you need or want because it seems easier to stay.

This negative rut does not help you because you need some positive moments in your life that keep you feeling well in mind, body and soul. And you can find positive moments  just by picking up a book and reading something inspiring, or finding ways to make some new friends that can give you a different perspective on living life well.

The good and the better

There are always 2 sides to a coin in life, and they are not always the good and the bad. There is a middle ground somewhere in between that may pull your energy. Even a great storm that covers the earth with its gently falling snow can brings some negative consequences to many people but may have also brought some people closer together.

I had many positive moments with neighbors I never met during a horrific storm that I am now friends with, and we know we can call on each other again in times of need.


Just a little bit of color in a gloomy day

Just a little bit of color on a gloomy day

Do not be too hasty and move past something good that you should have taken a better look at in your mirror of life. When I gaze back at some of the mistakes that I thought I should have played out differently, I know that they really were not mistakes, just lessons in love of self and others.

Keep in touch with your internal instinct on a daily basis because it tells you when to move past something that you are working on. You may not think you have the ability to sift through your life to a place that is good; but you do.

Forgiving times

Work on this ability that lies in your soul, waiting for you to explore and become an expert on what to forgive of yourself and others.

This newfound forgiveness can bring gratitude and abundance in your life because when you first forgive yourself for not being perfect in life, then you can forgive others too.

You know that no one is perfectly formed, not even the most beautiful person; they too have their flaws and imperfections that show up in need of forgiveness.

Find some joy in life today to make your day a positive one.