Changes come into your life whether you are ready or not

I find it difficult to let go of things, especially things that have been in my possession for many years, including people. Sometimes we need to move on from attachments that are not good for us.

Snowy days where you have time to sit and think about life decisions are good for you

Snowy days where you have time to sit and think about life decisions are good for you

And sometimes it is good to give things as gifts.
This morning I took a walk through a snow covered street, sliding along but keeping my balance by holding my arms out to guide me. Then I saw my neighbor; a tall man who walks with a cane now but always looks like he is going hunting wearing orange and yellow bibs with brown pants and shoes to go along with his brown and  fury hat that he wears in the wintertime. He was across the street waving to me and as I approached he introduced me to an older lady with gray, curly and silky hair.

She was a little lady with a big smile as she gazed at the fury and colorful crocheted hair band that I wore.
Her name was Ronnie and she asked me where she could get one of those warm hairbands.
I told her that I made it to cover my ears on snowy days and since today was not snowy anymore, she could have the one I was wearing.
I took it off and she held it in her hands for a moment, feeling it, and looking for the spot that I had connected it together. Don, the farmer said, “Ronnie knows all about making things, you both are a lot alike.” Ronnie smiled, ” I would  love to give  this hairband to my daughter who has cancer. She would enjoy it because of how wide it is. It would cover her entire head, and that would help with her healing.”
She kept the  hairband in her hands as she continued to look for the spot where I connected it together, and I said, “You will never find that spot of connection because I am not very good at the craft of crocheting; just put it together without rhyme or reason. My mom taught me the craft of crocheting many years ago, and I have not obtained her level of expertise.”

Beautiful Crafting

There must be a reason that the orange, yellow and green headband turned out so perfect even though I was not good at the craft. Sometimes you can make something out of virtually nothing; creating a beautiful craft with the help of your inner spirit and internal positive energy.

We smiled and giggled at each other and then Ronnie said, “I will send it to my daughter right away.”

I felt so very good as I walked away and smiled for the 2 miles it took me to get into town. And I will always be happy about the time I gave a gift to someone in need.