Trusting myself again

Trusting others is difficult enough, especially when you do not trust your own decisions

If you are old enough to remember The Game of Life, you know that with each step things can change

If you are old enough to remember The Game of Life, you know that with each step things can change

You may have a long list of times in life when you made the wrong choice to look upon and wonder how you can change to make that percentage of lucky happenings to increase.
And there is a certain amount of luck in any given situation, even though some people will tell you that you make your own luck!

The other thing of course is to look at your past and the past of others to make decisions on your present moment. And if that person you are trying to trust has done you wrong in the past, you better tread softly and slowly if you want to believe in them again.

Decisions can be as unpredictable as the weather, and if you live in an area of New York where I do, this week has been an untrusting one filled with thinking you were only going to get a few feet of snow, and waking up to find about 7 or 8 feet over two days was not what you expected.


People Trusting

If you have difficulties trusting people because they may have done you wrong in the past or present moment, take your time with trusting them again even if you love them. Love, like happiness is a state of mind that can change over time.

New people in my life

I have always felt that I needed people in my life that I can count on, and when I  got to a juncture where there were people I was not sure about, I began adding some new trusting friends to my life. And I know that trust is something developed carefully in any relationship, but sometimes you have to start over; moving along past some people who have pulled the wool over your eyes.

And this may be a painful process if it is someone you have known for a long time.

As a child I remember a saying; Make new friends but keep the old; one is silver and the other gold.

The List

The list development is another strategy for keeping or losing things in your life. The pros and cons of any situation can be analyzed through a well thought list. And when the negative side starts to pile up, it may be time to let go of what you have been trying to save.

Controversial moments

The next time you have a moment in time where you have to make a decision, make sure it is your decision, not someone else.

When you have too many people helping you with decisions in your life, you may regret not making them on your own. It is wonderful to have some helping hands during hard times, but keep it to a few good friends that have you at their heart center.