Fixing things that are broken is difficult for some of us, and we all know someone who is good at fixing just about anything except broken hearts. Those people who seem to be there for you but it just isn’t enough because you have to learn how to fix yourself. Whether it is through relaxation methods, meditation or just taking a walk on a beach to clear your mind, you have to do it yourself.

When I want to feel like I am fixing myself, I think of relaxing by the ocean

When I want to feel like I am fixing myself, I think of relaxing by the ocean

When your heart is broken, you can feel it in your body, mind and soul.

Your body may slow down, and you may not feel like doing anything,but the real damage is in the soul where you live inside and people do not notice that you are broken because of your smile or your giggles and laughter that is really a pretend way to move on slowly through your tragic times.

No one wants to walk around with a frown showing others that things are not okay.

Most of us want to cover things up until we absolutely have to tell someone about our plight.


So you may assume that someone is perfectly fine when deep down inside they may be broken.

How to help

Listen to your friend when they want to talk. Do not try to open them up. They will tell about their struggles when they are ready. Put yourself in the  shoes of another person every so often so that you can understand on a different level. Many of us seem to have more loneliness, difficulties and struggles that others because life is not evenly distributed with good, bad and ugly things. Some people just have more hardships then others.

Listen to the stories of people who struggle through life finding ways to help their plight. Sometimes all you have to do is be there.