Life is full of so many issues

There are so many issues in life that can turn you into a negative entity so be aware that you may have to stop once in a while to ponder on which issue you take on because you cannot do it all.


Finding ways to capture some positive moments

Finding ways to capture some positive moments

Choose your battles well  is a saying that is so true because you cannot do it all, or fix things for others. All you have is you to change; finding ways to be at peace with the way things are in your daily moments.

The Flow

Allow the positive moments that you have inside of your soul to flow every day so that you can see there is light, love and harmony in your life. Do not ponder too long on anything negative that may be flowing your way; distract yourself with meaningful things to do and some positive people to just be with in your daily, mindful ways.


Flowing life

Life flows by like a misty wave coming along to shore with its splashing blue and white thunder; rushing toward you and then settling down to rest.

Be like a wave and capture moments in time that are good so that you can think about those wonderful times when life is difficult for you.


This positive flow of life is always in your control, and when you stop struggling, you begin to allow your positive self to seep through with your spirit; helping you to rise above things that are totally out of your control.

Keep looking to put meaningful moments into your life; finding good times that make you smile and put a bounce in your step.

Balance yourself daily with some exercise and stretching that helps put your energy into the Universe and helps you to feel better; bringing about clarity and love all the way down into your soul.